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Titanium Carpet Accessories Carpet Transition Strip With Gripper Punching

Carpet Transition Strip
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Metal Carpet Transition Strip


Carpet Trim Transition Strip


Carpet Accessories Carpet Transition Strip With Gripper Punching



Product Introduction:


Carpet transition strips come in various materials, such as metal, wood, vinyl, or rubber, and they are available in different styles and finishes to match the decor and design of the surrounding space. The most common types of transition strips include:


T-shaped: This type of strip features a T-shaped profile and is used when transitioning between carpet and hard flooring, such as tile, laminate, or hardwood. The vertical section of the T fits into a gap between the two flooring materials, while the horizontal section covers the edges of the carpet, providing a clean and finished look.


Z-bar: Z-bar transition strips are typically used when the carpet meets a different height flooring, such as thick carpet meeting a tile or hardwood floor. The Z-bar is installed under the carpet and extends onto the adjacent floor, creating a gradual slope that allows for a smooth transition.


Reducer strip: A reducer strip is employed when transitioning from a higher flooring surface to a lower one. It creates a gentle slope between the two surfaces, reducing the risk of tripping and providing a visually appealing transition.


Seam binder: Seam binders, also known as threshold strips, are used to cover the seam where two carpets meet. They provide protection to the carpet edges and help hold the seams together, preventing fraying or separation.


Product Specifications:


Specification Measurement
Product  Code YJ-134


3m/Custom Made
Color Titanium/Custom Made
Packing QTY 50pc/box
Profile Thickness 1.1mm
Tolerance +/-0.1mm



Product Feature:


Sleek and Modern Design: The Aluminum Tile Trimming Strip has a minimalistic, streamlined design that complements any interior or exterior decor style. Its simplicity adds elegance and sophistication to your tile installation without overwhelming it.


Versatile Applications: This aluminum trim strip can be used with all types of tiles, including porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, and more. It comes in different sizes, colors, and finishes, giving you the flexibility to select the perfect match for your project.


Easy to Install: The Aluminum Tile Trimming Strip is easy to cut, install and adjust, and can be fixed using adhesive or screws. It is suitable for different tile thicknesses, and the installation process is straightforward.


Durability: Made from premium-grade aluminum, this trim strip is resistant to corrosion, rust, and impact damage. It provides long-lasting and reliable protection for the exposed tile edges, preventing chips, cracks, and breakages over time



Company Profile:


Decortrim, with own factory Prolink Metal (Foshan) Co., Ltd., a manufacture and trading combo, is a one-stop

source for an extensive range of trims, stair nosing, skirting board, listelo, transitions, movement joints etc

for the tiling and flooring industries.


10-years-experience has set us apart, from traditional edging trim manufacturer to a global supplier.

The main drive behind establishing Decortrim was our wish to develop the concept of OEM manufacturing easily,

professionally and with high quality. This is why we have always strived to provide edging trims with seamless

finishes, and customized packagings​. We proud ourselves on being reliable partners of brand owners, wholesalers

and retailers.


Decortrim, for better edge solutions. Decortrim, makes the world different.



Color Range:


Rich range of colors in different surface finishes are available for ordering here:

Titanium Carpet Accessories Carpet Transition Strip With Gripper Punching


Product Drawing and Pictures:
Titanium Carpet Accessories Carpet Transition Strip With Gripper Punching

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